Kesar Elaichi + Paan Flavour

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  • Kesar Elaichi and Paan Flavour


This flavour of our MrGulkand is a blissful blend made using the subtle heat of cinnamon and extracts from the finest Kashmiri saffron. This flavour will give you a swish of deliciousness and a perfect taste of cinnamon and spicy saffron aroma. This is the perfect ingredient for bakes and desserts. This product is 100% vegan, contains no preservatives, and is free from spirit.


MrGulkand Paan Flavour a magical, royal, and splendour taste from Banaras. Blended with natural oils, and extract which indeed added a new charm to your dessert. This product is 100% vegan, contains no preservatives, and is free from spirit.

GULKAND the name itself is true indulgence of purity and sweetness. This is just not a product but a legacy. This descendant is from the man “MR.GULKAND” who was the one behind the making of our brand the World No. 1. We the next generation have now, presenting a new face of Gulkand , By introducing flavours of Gulkand which we name after the man who produce it, i.e. “MR.GULKAND” and it’s a tribute to him. These flavours are from the real source, which when inhaled will trap your senses and take you to the cool sting of the ocean, it’s sweetness will mesmerize your tongue and absorb by your body to give a magical benefits to your skin, hair and stomach.

Gulkand derives it’s name from the words ‘Gul’ meaning Rose and ‘Kand’ which means Sweet. We with the policy of not compromising in less than the best have opted “DAMASK” Roses from our own cultivation, from the pure and pristine hills of Pushkar, Rajasthan. These pure and resourceful harvest when added with sugar gives you longing taste of sweetness. We have taken all the measures to keep it healthy and to intact all its nutritional benefits, which comes to you in this beautiful jar full of its Ayurvedic values act as a cooling herb, and a soothing agent.

  • A must have in your daily diet.
  • A part from being a relishing sweet Gulkand which is commonly used as mouth freshner in     paan can be used in many ways.
  • You can consume our all flavours as it is to satisfy your sweet cravings.
  • Can be added with milk to make shakes with desirable flavour.

For Weight Loss

Given the medicinal properties of Gulkand, Gulkand can be consumed for weight loss. Rose leaves are used to prepare Gulkand, which do not contain fat. Therefore, the intake of low-fat foods can be used for weight loss. However, further research is needed on how effective Gulkand can be for weight loss.

For mouth ulcers

You must have been troubled by mouth ulcers at some time. The benefits of Gulkand can also be seen in this problem. Gulkand contains vitamin B group. According to a scientific research, vitamin B complex deficiency can cause mouth ulcers. Vitamin B supplementation may prove beneficial to correct this. Further research is needed on how Gulkund can be effective for ulceration in conditions other than vitamin B complex deficiency.

For the eyes

The benefits of Gulkand can also be seen for the eyes. Actually, Gulkand’s effect is cold. In a research report released by experts, it is reported that the consumption of Gulkand can treat the problem of swelling and redness of the eyes.

For stomach gas

The benefits of Gulkand can also be seen in correcting problems like gas. As we told you, Gulkand is made from rose leaves, which are considered very beneficial. It is believed that rose (Rosa Damascena) can be used to improve digestive system and cure constipation problem, which can also be seen in relieving stomach gas.

Beneficial in fatigue and mental stress

The benefits of Gulkand can also be beneficial in reducing fatigue and stress. Actually, Gulkand acts as an effective antioxidant and energizing the body. It helps the nervous system to remain calm and relieves tension. Apart from this, the cooling effect of Gulkand can also be helpful in relieving fatigue. 

For cardiovascular health

The benefits of Gulkand can also be seen for heart health. Magnesium is found in gulakanda made from rose leaves. Magnesium may act actively to control blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Also it can help the heart to function smoothly, which can help to keep our heart healthy.


If you want to get rid of constipation problem, then consumption of Gulkand can help you in its treatment. Magnesium is found in gulakanda made from rose leaves as mentioned above. According to a scientific study, the intake of magnesium can overcome the problem of constipation, as it exhibits laxative effect.

For memory

Use of Gulkand can also prove beneficial to increase memory. Actually, Gulkand has anti-oxidant properties. Based on a scientific report, it has been reported that anti-oxidant properties can show positive effects to improve learning and memory capacity.


It is believed that the consumption of Gulkand can help relieve many skin problems such as acne and whiteheads. However, there is no concrete evidence to confirm this fact. Therefore, please consult a dermatologist once before using Gulkand for the skin.