About us

GULKAND the name itself is true indulgence of purity and sweetness. This is just not a product but a legacy. This descendant is from the man “MR.GULKAND” who was the one behind the making of our brand the World No. 1. We the next generation have now, presenting a new face of Gulkand , By introducing flavours of Gulkand which we name after the man who produce it, i.e. “MR.GULKAND” and it’s a tribute to him. These flavours are from the real source, which when inhaled will trap your senses and take you to the cool sting of the ocean, it’s sweetness will mesmerize your tongue and absorb by your body to give a magical benefits to your skin, hair and stomach.

Gulkand derives it’s name from the words ‘Gul’ meaning Rose and ‘Kand’ which means Sweet. We with the policy of not compromising in less than the best have opted “DAMASK” Roses from our own cultivation, from the pure and pristine hills of Pushkar, Rajasthan. These pure and resourceful harvest when added with sugar gives you longing taste of sweetness. We have taken all the measures to keep it healthy and to intact all its nutritional benefits, which comes to you in this beautiful jar full of its Ayurvedic values act as a cooling herb, and a soothing agent.