Rose Flavour Fennel Seeds

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Rose Flavour Fennel Seeds
Funnel seed a super digestive is now assorted with dry rose petals to enhance its digestive power with essential Rose flavor. Mr Gulkand presents premium quality sauf mukhwas for internal core digestion. Opted to choose the best quality fennel and our premium dry rose petals this is our one of the best product.


Make Your Own Paan 

  • Take a Paan or Banana leaf.
  • Add some of our Mouth Freshner, Royal Paan & Rose Mouth Freshner.
  • Any Flavour of MrGulkand.
  • Some desicated coconut.
  • Wrap to make our home made healthy Paan.
  • Spray our MrGulkand Rose water to enhance its Nutritional Value.
  • Top of it add Cherry.
  • Serve  with pride.

Make Paan Chura Mukhwas

  • Make Paan Chura from two leaves of Paan or banana leaves.
  • Add MRGulkand of your choice.
  • Add all the three mouthfreshner and Premium sauf from MrGulkand.
  • Royal Paan and Rose mouthfreshner with our Premium sauf. 
  • Dry Rose leaves enhanced.
  • Mix it well to serve  your Home Made Healthy Chura.