Paan Mouth freshener

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Paan Mouth Freshener
Adding more to the richness we have produce a ROYAL PAAN FLAVORED mouthfreshner assorted with premium roasted dates, coriander seeds, sesame seeds and top of unique dry rose petals which besides a digestive aid also a choice of Royal Mukhwas.


Make Your Own Paan 

  • Take a Paan or Banana leaf.
  • Add some of our Mouth Freshner, Royal Paan & Rose Mouth Freshner.
  • Any Flavour of MrGulkand.
  • Some desicated coconut.
  • Wrap to make our home made healthy Paan.
  • Spray our MrGulkand Rose water to enhance its Nutritional Value.
  • Top of it add Cherry.
  • Serve  with pride.

Make Paan Chura Mukhwas

  • Make Paan Chura from two leaves of Paan or banana leaves.
  • Add MRGulkand of your choice.
  • Add all the three mouthfreshner and Premium sauf from MrGulkand.
  • Royal Paan and Rose mouthfreshner with our Premium sauf. 
  • Dry Rose leaves enhanced.
  • Mix it well to serve  your Home Made Healthy Chura.